A Path to a Better West Virginia Economy

Marty believes that the path to a better West Virginia economy starts with defending the coal industry, keeping taxes low, repealing Obamacare, improving and investing in our infrastructure, combating the National Debt Crisis and promoting the work ethic of the American workers and quality of American goods. 

Stand with President Trump

When we elected President Trump, the Establishment heard us loud and clear that West Virginia wants new leadership to fix the broken system in Washington. Marty pledges to defend President Trump’s agenda and help him drain the swamp by making Congress work for us, not the other way around.

Keep West Virginia Safe

Marty believes that it is time to build the wall! An open border is causing hard-working West Virginians to lose good paying jobs to illegal immigrants - building the wall will not only keep us safe but strengthen our economy. Marty will stand firm against any form of amnesty.

Marty is an unwavering supporter of our military and law enforcement. He will fight to ensure both have the tools to get the job done and come home safely.

Defend West Virginia Values

Too many politicians in DC are actively working everyday to destroy our way of life in West Virginia. Marty is one of us and he will push back against the liberal agenda. 

He is a gun owner, a proud, longtime member of the NRA and an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Marty is pro-life and he will lead the charge to defund Planned Parenthood and end partial birth abortion. He will push back against political correctness and protect our religious liberties.

Marty is full of American pride - and not afraid to show it.

Combat the Opioid Crisis

The drug epidemic has taken a devastating toll on West Virginia. Far too many lives have been ruined by heroin and prescription pills. If elected, Marty will collaborate with law enforcement, mental health professionals, and community leaders to find a permanent solution to this crisis. Drug quantity rules must be reformed in order to prevent abuses by both doctors and abusers. We must also provide proper resources to law enforcement and prosecutors so they can effectively apprehend drug criminals and put them behind bars.